Join Tyler August for State Assembly Today

Join Tyler August for State Assembly Today

Join Tyler August for State Assembly TodayJoin Tyler August for State Assembly TodayJoin Tyler August for State Assembly Today

Less Government.  More Jobs.

Nomination Papers

I need your help to get on the ballot! Please download and sign my nomination papers and mail them back to me.  You do not need to fill the page with signatures -- even 1 signature helps.  You must live in the 32nd District.

August Nomination Papers (pdf)


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About Tyler


As a seventh generation resident of Walworth County, Representative Tyler August has a deep family history in area as well as a keen understanding of the values of its residents. Born on January 26, 1983, Tyler is a lifelong resident of Walworth County. He is a 2001 graduate of Big Foot Public High School. After attending both UW-Eau Claire and UW-Madison, Tyler served as former State Rep. Tom Lothian's chief of staff at the State Capitol. 

Tyler was first elected to the State Assembly in 2010.  Since 2013, Tyler has been elected the Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore.  

Tyler's priorities include:

  • Ensuring a strong business climate for a healthy economy
  • Lowering the tax burden
  • Investing in education and workforce development
  • Implementing government reforms
  • Protecting our rights and freedoms

Tyler's Platform


A Strong, Healthy Economy

My goal is to ensure Wisconsin's economy remains strong.  I've worked to ensure Wisconsin remains "open for business," by supporting free market concepts.  Importing family-sustaining careers to our area is important and it is something we've been able to accomplish.  As a result, Wisconsin's economy is very healthy as unemployment is under 3%, an all-time low.  I will always support cutting red tape and burdensome regulations on job creators.  


Reforming Government

When I first ran for office there was a huge budget deficit and unemployment was at 9%.  Since then, we have implemented government reforms that have put Wisconsin back on the right path by balancing budgets, lowering the tax burden, and resulted in record low unemployment.   

I support continued common sense reforms to our welfare programs like drug testing and minimum work requirements.


Protecting Individual Rights and Freedoms

At the core of my beliefs is the idea of small, limited government. 


I believe in a limited government that does not infringe upon our rights as citizens. This includes my opposition to many mandates, including ObamaCare. 

Additionally, I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and our right to bear arms.

Lowering the Tax Burden


Balancing the Budget

Balancing the Budget

Balancing the Budget

When I was first elected, Wisconsin had a large budget deficit.  Since then, I've continually voted for balanced budgets.  Government needs to have a strict budget -- just like families and small businesses.


Cutting Taxes

Balancing the Budget

Balancing the Budget

I'm proud to say that since I was first elected in 2010, I've voted to cut $8 billion in taxes here in Wisconsin.  This has not only helped our hard working families, but also our small businesses that create jobs.


Eliminating Taxes

Balancing the Budget

Eliminating Taxes

This past session we actually eliminated three taxes, which builds upon the $8 billion we’ve cut since I took office.  This has resulted in the lowest tax burden in 50 years for Wisconsinites.  

Investing in Education & Workforce Development


Investing in our Children

More Affordable Higher Education

Promoting Workforce Development

Our children's education is important.  Just this session I voted to send an extra $600 million in funding to our K-12 schools.  I support reforms to ensure more money goes to the classroom instead of unneeded administrative costs.


Promoting Workforce Development

More Affordable Higher Education

Promoting Workforce Development

Our employers need skilled workers.  That is why I support programs that help our workforce get the education and training they need.  Strong technical schools are a crucial to our state.


More Affordable Higher Education

More Affordable Higher Education

More Affordable Higher Education

The UW System is one of our state's greatest assets.  I support Governor Walker's tuition freeze to help parents and students with the cost of higher education.  I also am the author of legislation that created the state's first Merit Scholarship for Wisconsin students.


I truly appreciate your willingness to make a financial contribution.

If you do not wish to donate online, kindly send a check payable to "Citizens for August" to:

Citizens for August
PO Box 572
Delavan, WI 53115

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